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Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball

Registration Form

Registration Form

Form 1

Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball

2006 Player Registration

For MCFP Use Only:


League Age _________  


Division       __________ 


MCFS Information

Did child play Miss Charlotte last year?   Circle one:     Yes          No

Birthday:      Month ______ Day __________ Year  ___________

Special team, coach, or other player request:  ________________________________________


Family Information

Player Name                                                                                                      

Address                                                                                                            Apt. No.                    

City                                                                  ­            Zip                                

School Attending                                                                                                Grade                    

If private, the public school player would attend                                                                    ­­­           

Father’s Name                                                           Mother’s Name                                                

Day Phone                                                         Evening Phone                                                 

E-mail address: (we will use this to send you information)                                                                         

Note:  Privacy request not to publish player’s name, address, E-mail, or phone in roster.  

Parent’s initial: ___________


Registration Information

_____ $ 35 (fundraiser required)                                             


_____ $ 60 for two sisters (fundraiser required)


_____ $ 60 (fundraiser not required)



 Make checks payable to:  Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball


Note:  Financial aid is available by speaking to any board member; it will be kept confidential.  The only requirement for Financial aid is that you must do the fundraiser.


Liability Information.  Please sign and date:

In consideration to participate in an event held at a Charlotte County Recreation & Parks Department facility, and sponsored by the Miss Charlotte Fastpitch, Inc., the above signed, release and discharge both Miss Charlotte’s and said Department and Association, sponsors, employees and officers from all liability for any personal injury and/or injury to property caused by or arising out of the program or activity. For that reason, I hereby certify that the minor above is covered under insurance, or that I will accept all financial responsibility for any injury incurred (Parent/legal representative’s signature is required for all those under 18 years of age.)  I hereby state that the above information is true, and that I will abide by the league rules and regulations.


Parent or Guardian Signature                                                                                  Date                     





Form 2

Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball

2006 Required Forms and Agreements


NOTE: To be carried by any Regular Season or Tournament Team Manager together with team roster or eligibility affidavit.


Emergency / Medical Release Form

Player’s Name _____________________________________________      

Home Phone #  ________________________

Address  _______________________________________________________________________________________

Father’s Name  ___________________________________________         

Work Phone #   ________________________

Mother’s Name ___________________________________________         

Work Phone #   ________________________

Emergency Contact Name  __________________________________       

Phone #  _____________________________

Physician’s Name _________________________________________        

Phone #  _____________________________

Health Insurance ______________________________­____________        

Insurance Policy # ______________________

Player’s Date of Birth _______________________________________       

Hospital Preference_____________________

Please list any allergies/medical problems, including those requiring maintenance medication. (i.e., Diabetes, Asthma, Seizure Disorder)






Medical Diagnosis








In case of emergencies, if the player’s physician cannot be reached, I hereby authorize the above name player to be treated by Certified Emergency Personnel (i.e., EMT, First Responder, ER Physician).


Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________ Date ________


Participation in Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball requires the ability to run, throw, swing a bat, and catch a ball.  Additionally, participation requires the capacity to understand the rules of the game.  Does your child have any current condition that limits his/her ability to participate in this activity?

                                                                                                                Yes _____       No _____





Form 3

Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball

2006 Volunteer Sign Up


Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball is a 100% volunteer organization.  Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball requires all parents to volunteer each season.   


We have many different volunteer positions.  Some positions are financial, some are clerical, some are physical, and some require softball knowledge.  Some positions do all their work before the season begins, some match the season schedule, and others do their work at the end of the season.  There is a volunteer position to fit every family’s skills and every family’s schedule. 


Please indicate your interest by circling a position below.  If needed, you will be contacted to discuss details, answer any questions, and get you started in a position. All new volunteers will be guided in their work by an experienced volunteer. It’s as easy as that. 


Office Volunteers:

Webmaster                   Web Reporter                Registrar                       Data Entry


Treasury Volunteers:

Sponsor Coord               Fundraiser Coord          


Operations Volunteers:

Fieldwork                      Safety Officer                 Concessions                 Umpire Coord                 Umpires

Leadership Volunteers:

Committee member        Player Agent       Other: _____________________________________


Manager or Coach …we always need managers and coaches for all levels !


Please circle one:          Manager                        Coach                          


Print Name ______________________________________ 

E-mail Address ___________________________________  Phone ______________________