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Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball

Code of Conduct

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Miss Charlotte Fastpitch Softball: 

Code of Expected Conduct

  • I will prioritize the development of all positive character traits, especially accepting individual responsibility and good sportsmanship, ahead of winning any game. I will strive to maintain this perspective in both winning and losing games.


  • I will encourage good sportsmanship by showing consistent, positive support for ALL players, coaches, umpires, officials, and parents of all teams and leagues.


  • I will not complain about anyone, without first being willing to be part of the solution to my perceived complaint, which includes increasing my volunteer time. I will strive to avoid jumping to a conclusion without first understanding all perspectives.


  •  I will demand a drug, tobacco, and alcohol free environment. I will not enable others.


  • I will always remember that the Miss Charlotte Board of Directors, managers, coaches, concession stand workers, and many umpires are volunteers.


  • I will not criticize the umpires unless I am willing to assume their duties and can explain the rules.


  • I will remember the game is for the children---NOT for the adults.


  • I will help demonstrate positive individual responsibility by completing my required volunteer duties, and cleaning up after myself after every game, practice, and activity.


  •  I will be proactive in learning Miss Charlotte’s game and conduct rules and strive to model them positively.


  • I will abide by all local ordinances at all settings.